Jarla-Plast was established in April 1969,

as a partnership firm, initially triggered by the growing demand of fodder silos in the fur-farming business. The company was founded by Alvar Ahlholm, and the brothers Jan-Erik and Krister Kronkvist were engaged as employees. The company manufactured glass fibre reinforced plastic products. Later and step by step, Jan-Erik and Krister Kronkvist acquired the ownership of the company.

The company’s form of incorporation has changed over the years but it is still a family business. Ab Jarla-Products Oy, a limited liability company, was founded in 2005 and took over the manufacturing business while Jarla-Plast Öb remained in charge of sales and real estate. In addition to Jan-Erik and Krister Kronkvist, the owners of Ab Jarla-Products Oy now include second generation experts in plastic industry, the cousins Tommy and Ida Kronkvist.

Ab Jarla-Products Oy’s biggest customers are industrial enterprises.

In 2020, all the operations were transferred to Ab Jarla-Products Oy, which now has nine employees. The manufacturing facility is located in its original place in Malax but currently Ab Jarla-Products Oy’s biggest customers are large-scale industrial enterprises.

Enviroment and quality

Ab Jarla-Products Oy (Ltd) has created an environment and quality system than includes all parts of our operation. From manufacturing purchases to final inspection of a product.

Due to a modern way of manufacturing in an environmental way, we produce quality products with a minimum spillage and maximal use of raw-materials.

Our environment and quality system are in accordance to international standards SFS-ISO 9001 and SFS-ISO 14001.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable products that meets our customers demands, within an approved time schedule and to a competitive price.

In our operation we prioritize the working environment and continuous improvement.

Recreation for staff

We are continuously working towards improving and stimulating the health and well-being of our staff. Our staff has got to test their level of fitness and health at some activity resorts. Also enjoyed recreational outdoor activities ranging from horse riding and canoeing to high altitude enduring.

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